Welcome to NorfolkRiders.co.uk!

Welcome to NorfolkRiders - Come and say your hellos in here

Welcome to NorfolkRiders.co.uk!

Postby Paul on Sat Aug 02, 2008 7:59 pm

Welcome to NorfolkRiders.co.uk

Hi all,

For those that don't know I'm Paul, I ride a blue and white '99 R6 and I live in Kings Lynn, Norfolk.

This website was set up on 2nd Aug 2008 and its purpose is to help us meet similar like minded individuals mainly in Norfolk. There are similar forums out there, like East Of England Bikers / BCF although I felt something a bit more local was needed.

Post your friendly hellos, talk about bikes, ask for help, and have fun. And if you’re feeling daring why not post a picture of yourself & bike too? ;)

If you’re new to the whole forum thingy I recommend having a look at this (its nothing to taxing, just a quick animation on posting)
Any questions or queries don't hesitate in sending an email my way. Apart from that enjoy the website and spread the word!

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