MT09 exhaust mod

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MT09 exhaust mod

Postby steveburrows on Wed Aug 26, 2015 2:17 pm

Want a louder sound for my MT09, but the problems I have are
1 really like the look of the standard can, some of the aftermarket kit look like they are poorly designed and stick out to far, with poor brackets which look like an afterthought
2 The titanium akrapovic, the recommended Yamaha one, looks nicely designed, but hits the floor over speed bumps (just look at the number of scratched ones on Ebay) They cost just under £1000
3 the carbon akrapovic looks cool, and is cheaper at £750ish, but is a non road legal race pipe. Also, the headers dont follow the same lines as the original, and look uglier

My plan is to modify a new, standard exhaust of Ebay, cutting out the internal pipe that moves the gas into different chambers, to bypass the sound deadening chambers, so the gas exists easier (but not as extreme as a straight through pipe.
1st thing I bought is pipe of Ebay for £62
2nd part is cut open top of exhaust with grinder, remove some pipework, and drill some holes from cat chamber into final, exit chamber
The final part, which I hope to get done this week, is to get a fabricator to weld it back up with stainless steel weld.
Will do a sound test before and after to see difference
piccies below
with top cut off and 6 holes drilled
exit pipe cut, just needs to be tidies up
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