Weird Carb Problem

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Weird Carb Problem

Postby Annex1A on Tue Oct 22, 2013 9:25 pm


Heres a funny one for ya'll to help me figure out, if ya dont mind :P

Got a Kawasaki GPz550 (82) with a very odd problem,, She like to rev up too 4000rpm with even the slightest touch of the throttle,,
she idle's just fine, carb's are synced, and i just replaced all the Diaphragm's as they were holed,,
I've checked all the jet's and they are fine, float bowls are clean, no external vacuum leeks anywhere, (also replaced carb-head rubbers)
got me stumped as to what it could be, narrowed it down the carb #3 by pulling plug leads off while it was going nuts,
help would be much appreciated.

Thanks guys!
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