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Safe Rider Scheme - Norfolk

Postby Paul on Sat Jul 06, 2013 11:53 am

I thought I would get this mentioned as a Stickey as it is a VERY good course to go on and will also help your insurance!

Norfolk County Council and Norfolk Constabulary run a Safer Rider Scheme which is; online theory based learning, one 2-3 hour classroom session and a days rideout with a Norfolk Constabulary Motorcyclist following you who will assess your riding and then give you feedback at the end of the day.

The course covers the following topics:
:arrow: Cornering
:arrow: Overtaking
:arrow: Filtering
:arrow: Skills System
:arrow: Observation and Planning
:arrow: Junctions

Think Norfolk - Safer Rider Scheme wrote:These skills and techniques were established by generations of police instructors through their training manual Motorcycle Roadcraft, in its various evolving forms. The principles are used in training police motorcyclists but they also extensively used by ROSPA, the IAM and numerous private training bodies for one very good reason, it works!

This life-saving information is too valuable not to be readily accessible and these downloads distil the material down into easily readable topics with accompanying video to illustrate the main points where applicable.

How much is this I can hear you all think. Well it only costs £30!

How can I find out more information? - Safe Rider Scheme - Think Norfolk, and/or Norfolk Constabulary

Whilst all the online literature can be accessed for free here, I strongly advise doing the whole course as you then get the classroom input and the fun part of watching how the Police Motorcyclists do it and then have them watch you and give you hands on advice!

I did the course before this in 2009 which was called BikeSafe. However this is a new and improved course (and cheaper!) than the old one. I sat in on the classroom input last week and can quite happily say that I would pay another £30 and do the whole process again.

Don't be put off by the 'Pigs' / 'rozzers' / '5-0' / 'coppers' etc etc. It really is a good course and you will learn something from it.

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Re: Safe Rider Scheme - Norfolk

Postby steveburrows on Wed Jul 10, 2013 11:20 am

I did the bike safe course years ago, and found it excellent. I even bought the police rider handbook, which I think was about £8
The best bit I found was the rideout. I had a CBR6 with race can and small plate at the time, and also wore a simpson lid with black visor.
I was suprised as they wanted to follow you how you normally ride, so they could give honest, relevant feedback. They said there was no point riding like you would on your test, as they needed to assess you on how you really rode, so the day was really a fast ride (but no speeding through villages) and great fun!
I will be booking on the new course soon!
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Re: Safe Rider Scheme - Norfolk

Postby stillstrange on Mon Jul 15, 2013 12:38 pm

I didn't know they had updated the course. I also did bikesafe years ago and paid £50 for it. It was worth the money at £50 so an improved and cheaper version would be a no brainer in my mind.

Will take a look in a while :)
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