How to upload pictures

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How to upload pictures

Postby Paul on Sat Aug 02, 2008 9:08 pm

This always seems to be a common problem with new users so thought I would write a quick guide on how to upload pictures to the site:

Step 1

:arrow: Open up a separate internet page and go to
:arrow: Either 'Sign In' or if you don't have your own Photobucket account simply click 'Sign Up' and following the instructions

Step 2

:arrow: Once you have Singed In, click on 'Upload'
:arrow: Click 'Choose Photos & Videos'
:arrow: Select the photo you want to upload from your computer and click 'Open'. - If there is more than 1 photo, from the same computer folder, that you want to upload to save time try the following:
- Click on the first picture
- Press and hold down the 'Ctrl' button on your keyboard
- Click on all the other pictures you want to select whilst still holding down 'Ctrl'
- Once you have selected all the pictures you want take your finger off the 'Ctrl' button and click 'Open'
:arrow: Once the photo(s) have uploaded click 'View Album'

Step 3

:arrow: Click on the picture you want to use.
:arrow: Once it has opened look over to the right of the screen to where it says: 'Links to share this photo'
:arrow: Next to where it says: 'Email & IM' it should show part of a website address. Something similar to: ''
:arrow: Click the box with the address in it. It should flash 'Copied' for 1-2 Seconds.

Step 4

:arrow: Go back to the screen where you are writing your post for NorfolkRiders. In the box where you are writing, click where you would like the picture to be within your text/post
:arrow: Right click the mouse and select 'paste'
:arrow: That should paste the link across and look something along the lines of: '' - (But your Photobucket username will be in there and whatever your picture has been named too.)
:arrow: Highlight all of this link and once it is all selected click the 'Img' button just above the writing box. - (B i u Quote Code List List= [*] Img URL Flash Normal Font colour)
:arrow: Your link should now look something like: [img][/img]
:arrow: Carry on with your post if there is anything else you want to write.

Step 5

:arrow: Once you are happy everything is where you want it to be press Preview.
:arrow: This will have opened up the page showing you how your post and picture will look. Hopefully if you've followed this list exactly it will show your picture as well as the rest of your post.
:arrow: If your picture does not show then there will be an issue with the link or Img tags. Make sure in front of the link there is the '[img]'-and-at-the-end-of-the-link-there-is-a-'[/img]'
:arrow: Once you are happy with it, scroll down the page and press 'Submit'. Or if there are any changes/spellings you want to make you can in the writing box before pressing 'Submit'.
:arrow: That should then bring up your post as it did in the preview but now everyone will be able to see it.

Easy as that!

If you do come across any problems don't hesitate in sending me an email.

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